The Rock

August 06, 2022


FBI chemical warfare expert Stanley Goodspeed is sent on an urgent mission with a former British spy, John Patrick Mason to stop a righteous General from launching chemical weapons on Alcatraz Island into San Francisco. The mad General demands $100 million in war reparations to be paid to the families of slain servicemen who died on covert operations. After their SEAL team is wiped out, Stanley and John deal with the soldiers on their own.

Craig, Alan and guest Billy Donnelly (@infamouskidd on twitter) discuss the indifference of Michael Bay, America’s need for mental health, irritating subordinates and the movie “The Rock” on this week’s Matinee Heroes!

Show Notes

  • 1:00

    Craig, Alan and Billy Donnelly dig into Craig’s feelings of resentment and the inability to follow his dreams.

  • 17:04

    Craig, Alan and Billy discuss the movie “The Rock”

  • 39:26  


  • 1:06:02

    Double Feature

  • 1:09:12

    Final Thoughts

  • 1:15:13

    A preview of next week’s episode “TRON”

Next week…we celebrate Alan’s birthday with one of his favorite movies “TRON”

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