We have created this page to help raise funds to help us create better content. It will pay for basic costs, as well as allow us to attend film festivals and comic cons to get interviews as well as awesome guests!

We hope you like what we are doing and want more.

There are several ways you can support the podcast:

  1.  Listen! – That’s what we really want most is for you to enjoy and get value from the podcast.
  2. Share – Feel free to share the podcast with anyone you think would like it!
  3. Monthly subscription through patreon.  Head over to and pick a tier that works best for you!
  4. One time donation via paypal – you can always just give money in any amount, anytime you want.  Donations of $10 or more will put you in the Hall of Heroes.


Thank you for listening and thank you for your support!

Alan & Craig

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