The Rescuers

January 11, 2020


Two mice from the “Rescue Aid Society” help a young orphan girl to escape the clutches of an evil woman who wishes to use the girl to retrieve a fabulous diamond.

Craig and guest co-host Richard Jensen (@TheRagingCelt on twitter) discuss everyday heroes, child abduction, Richard’s latest film projects and the movie “the Rescuers” on this week’s Matinee Heroes – Plus!

Show Notes

  • 0:21

    Craig and Richard discuss Richard’s latest film projects and plans for 2020.

  • 7:37

    Craig and Richard discuss “The Rescuers”

  • 23:23


  • 36:44

    Double Feature

  • 41:20

    Final Thoughts

  • 44:20

    Craig and Richard preview next week’s movie “The Black Cauldron”

Disney Plus month continues with a movie Craig has never seen: The Black Cauldron

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