60 MIN

John Carter

January 14, 2017


When a loner who’s lost everything is transported to a strange world, he must join his captors to save the planet and save himself in the process.

This week, Alan and Craig discuss poor marketing, white-knighting, Dances with Wolves in Space and how 2 words could have saved this film.

Show Notes
  • 0:50

    Craig rants about the trend of “franchise” movies sacrificing the story of the initial movie to setup the sequel.

  • 9:17

    Discussion of John Carter

  • 41:52


  • 52:34

    Double Feature Suggestions

  • 55:40

    Final Thoughts

  • 57:22

    First impressions of “Hard Boiled”


Next episode we take on action masterpiece “Hard Boiled”

One comment

  1. Jason Raschen says:

    Terrible movie (IMHO), great episode!

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