Catch Me If You Can

December 25, 2021


Frank Abagnale, Jr. worked as a doctor, a lawyer, and as a co-pilot for a major airline — all before his 18th birthday. A master of deception, he was also a brilliant forger, whose skill gave him his first real claim to fame: At the age of 17, Frank became the most successful bank robber in the history of the U.S. FBI Agent Carl Hanratty makes it his prime mission to capture Frank and bring him to justice, but Frank is always one step ahead of him.

Craig, Alan and Brendan Agnew (@BLCAgnew on Twitter) discuss how crime does pay, living a lie, the end of Spielberg month and the movie “Catch Me If You Can” on this Christmas Edition of Matinee Heroes!

Show Notes

  • 1:11

    Craig, Alan and Brendan Agnew discuss Spielberg as well as what Marion is getting for Christmas.

  • 9:46

    Craig, Alan, and Brendan discuss the movie “Catch Me If You Can”

  • 37:53


  • 1:00:10

    Double Feature

  • 1:05:30

    Final Thoughts

  • 1:11:03

    A preview of next week’s episode “True Grit”

Next week… A New Year needs a bit of “True Grit”

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