My Cousin Vinny

November 26, 2022


Two pals traveling through Alabama are mistakenly arrested and charged with murder. Fortunately, one of them has a cousin who’s a lawyer – Vincent Gambini, a former auto mechanic from Brooklyn who just passed his bar exam after his sixth try. Vinny’s never been in court – or in Alabama – and now must prove to his cousin, his girlfriend and himself that he’s up to the task or they’ll get the death penalty.

Craig and guest co-host Rob Ervin (@YesTHATRobErvin on twitter) discuss following procedures, the sweet side of Joe Pesci, Rob moderating events and the movie “My Cousin Vinny” on this week’s Matinee Heroes!

Show Notes

  • 1:01

    Craig and Rob Ervin catch up and swap moderating stories

  • 12:27

    Craig and Rob discuss “My Cousin Vinny”

  • 36:47  


  • 1:11:58 

    Double Feature

  • 1:13:58

    Final Thoughts

  • 1:18:42

    A preview of next week’s episode “Presumed Innocent”

Next week finish Court-vember with a powerful Harrison Ford performance in “Presumed Innocent”

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