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July 16, 2022


C. D. Bales is the witty, intelligent, and brave fire chief of a small Pacific Northwest town who, due to the size of his enormous nose, declines to pursue the girl of his dreams, lovely Roxanne Kowalski. Instead, when his shy underling Chris McConnell becomes smitten with Roxanne, Bales feeds the handsome young man the words of love to win her heart.

Craig, Alan, and guest Derek McCaw (@FanboyPlanet on twitter) discuss Cyrano De Bergerac, adult Steve Martin, Derek’s upcoming trip to Comic Con and the movie “Roxanne” on this week’s Matinee Heroes.

Show Notes

  • 1:14

    Craig, Alan and Derek McCaw talk about Derek’s upcoming San Diego Comic Con trip.

  • 7:08

    Craig, Alan and Derek discuss the movie “Roxanne”

  • 28:11  


  • 39:22

    Double Feature

  • 41:51

    Final Thoughts

  • 46:54

    A preview of next week’s episode “All of Me”

Next week…we’re getting two comedic geniuses in the body of one!  That’s right, the classic possession movie “All of Me”

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