The Rocketeer

November 11, 2017


In 1938 a young air racing pilot, Cliff Secord, and his partner, Peevy, discover a secret rocket pack that enables a man to fly. They quickly become entangled in international intrigue in their attempts to keep the device away from Nazi spies and other villains, including Hollywood matinee idol Neville Sinclair. With the help of his actress girlfriend, Cliff, dubbed “The Rocketeer” by the press, embarks on a mission that could alter the course of history and make him a true hero!

Alan and Craig discuss sincerity, listener recasts, a quick review of Thor:Ragnarok and the movie The Rocketeer on this week’s Matinee Heroes!

Show Notes
  • 1:08

    Alan and Craig talk about listener Jason Raschen’s recast for “Blade Runner” as well as give a mini review of the new movie “Thor:Ragnarok” 

  • 12:47

    Discussion of “The Rocketeer”

  • 22:24


  • 30:09

    Double Feature

  • 33:36

    Final Thoughts

  • 35:19

    Alan and Craig discuss next week’s classic “The Hidden Fortress”

Next episode we delve into Alan’s favorite genre, the Samurai movie, with “The Hidden Fortress”

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