November 27, 2021


After a deadly earthquake destroys his home in Peruvian rainforest, a young bear makes his way to England in search of a new home. Although taken in by the Brown family who are charmed by Paddington’s amazement at urban living, someone else has her eye on him: A taxidermist who has designs on the rare bear and his hide.

Craig, Alan, Elisabeth Rappe (@ElisabethRappe on twitter) and Brendan Agnew (@BLCAgnew on twitter)come together to celebrate the holidays as they discuss what they are thankful for, the dignity of a Peruvian bear, inappropriate google searches and the movie “Paddington” on this week’s Matinee Heroes!!

Show Notes

  • 1:05

    Craig, Alan, Elisabeth and Brendan take stock in the past 18 months and say what they’re thankful for this Holiday Season.

  • 10:46

    Craig, Alan, Elisabeth and Brendan discuss the movie “Paddington”

  • 26:47


  • 58:27

    Double Feature

  • 1:02:33

    Final Thoughts

  • 1:08:00

    A preview of next week’s episode “Lincoln”

Next week we start a month long celebration of Steven Spielberg’s 75th birthday with the movie “Lincoln”

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