The Mosquito Coast

August 19, 2017


Embittered by the blighted landscape of the contemporary United States, inventor Allie Fox takes his family to live in the jungle, hoping to cast off materialism and conformity to rediscover a purer life. But his utopian experiment takes a dark turn when his obsessions lead the family toward unimaginable danger.

Alan and Craig celebrate Craig’s birthday by discussing ego, misguided genius, a preview of The Salt Lake Comic Con and the movie The Mosquito Coast!

Show Notes
  • 0:59

    Craig talks about the Salt Lake Comic Con where he will be moderating panels September 21st – 23rd. 

  • 8:23

    Discussion of “The Mosquito Coast”

  • 32:53


  • 45:01

    Double Feature

  • 48:22

    Final Thoughts

  • 51:20

    First impressions of “Rob Roy”


Next episode we don kilts and watch “Rob Roy”

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