Live Recording,

Full Metal Jacket

December 10, 2022


A smart-aleck Private Joker and pudgy Private Pyle try to endure the rigors of basic training. Though Pyle takes a frightening detour, Joker graduates to the Marine Corps and is sent to Vietnam as a journalist, covering — and eventually participating in — the bloody Tet Offensive.

Craig and Alan talk about the amazing R. Lee Ermy, the deconstruction of soldiers, Craig’s full panel with Vincent D’Onofrio at FanX Salt Lake and the movie “Full Metal Jacket” on this week’s Matinee Heroes!

Show Notes

  • 0:55

    Craig and Alan discuss an upcoming visit to Los Angeles

  • 8:21

    Craig and Alan discuss “Full Metal Jacket”

  • 22:07


  • 31:33

    Double Feature

  • 35:48

    Final Thoughts

  • 38:42

    Vincent D’Onofrio and Craig talk Live from Fan X Salt Lake 2022

  • 1:23:32

    A preview next week’s movie “Avatar”

With the new sequel coming out next week, Craig and Alan don the 3d glasses and watch “Avatar” on the next Matinee Heroes!

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