Matinee Villain,


October 13, 2018


A dangerous game of cat and mouse ensues when a hired hitman is contracted to kill the key players in an upcoming trial against a drug kingpin. The hitman’s usual M.O. becomes compromised when the cab driver that he hires to shuttle him around Los Angeles becomes wise to the killer’s true intentions.

Alan and Craig discuss Tom Cruise as a bad guy, video games making you late, a Horrorthon update and the movie “Collateral” on this week’s Matinee Villains!

This episode is sponsored by Horrorthon 4. Oct.21st in Houston at the Marq*E theater!

Show Notes
  • 1:00

    Alan and Craig have a few updates about the upcoming HORRORTHON in Houston, October 21st.

  • 10:09

    Discussion of “Collateral”

  • 36:03


  • 41:58

     Double Feature

  • 45:03

      Final Thoughts

  • 48:30

    Alan and Craig preview next week’s episode “Se7en”

Next week’s we continue Matinee Villains month with an all time sicko with no name in “Se7en”

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