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The Dirty Dozen

March 18, 2017


World War II. An impossible mission… The fate of the Allied invasion hanging in the balance… 12 men with nothing left to lose. Now the fate of the free world depends on a group of convicted murderers, thieves and thugs–The Dirty Dozen. Twelve American military prisoners are offered parole–if they complete a suicide mission behind enemy lines just before D-Day. After weeks of grueling training, they are dressed in German uniforms, dropped deep behind enemy lines and left on their own to complete their mission and try to get out alive. 

Alan and Craig discuss second chances, the role of the redeemer, appreciating gatekeepers and the Dirty Dozen on this week’s Matinee Heroes

Show Notes
  • 1:01

    Craig and Alan discuss how things went at the Alamo Drafthouse for their first Matinee Hero public event,  a full day showing Sam Raimi’s “Spider-man Trilogy

  • 7:48

    Discussion of the Dirty Dozen

  • 35:10


  • 44:30

    Double-Feature suggestions

  • 45:27

    Final Thoughts

  • 44:34

    First impressions of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”

Next episode, F#$K NAZIS month concludes with the masterpiece “Raiders of the Lost Ark”

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