A Bronx Tale

April 22, 2017


The story a nine-year-old boy caught between two opposing father figures. His dad, a diligent bus driver who tries to instill in him the virtues of an honest day’s work, while Sonny is the local Mafia boss who teaches him the law of the streets. As a teenager growing towards adulthood, he has to decide which role model to follow.

Alan and Craig discuss a father’s influence, making the right choice even when it’s the wrong thing to do, Comicpalooza and the movie A Bronx Tale on this week’s Matinee Heroes!

Show Notes
  • 0:51

    Alan and Craig discuss their participation in the Comicpalooza Podcasting Program and talk about some of the announced guests.

  • 10:07

    Discussion of A Bronx Tale

  • 28:06


  • 33:16

    Double-Feature suggestions

  • 38:09

    Final Thoughts

  • 39:47

    First impressions of “Princess Mononoke”

Next episode, Alan and Craig discuss “Princess Mononoke”

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