Speed Racer

April 07, 2018


Born into a family business of race cars, Speed Racer is one of the track’s hot stars. When Speed turns down an offer from the head of Royalton Industries, he uncovers a secret. Powerful moguls fix the races to boost profits. Hoping to beat the executive, Speed enters the same arduous cross-country race that killed his brother

Alan and Craig, joined by Special Guest Tom Nix discuss wrestling, misty-eyed family dynamics, should the Wachowskis get a chance to direct more big budget films and the movie “Speed Racer” on this week’s Matinee Heroes!

Show Notes
  • 1:11

    Alan and Craig welcome guest Tom Nix. Tom talks about his new wrestling podcast Wrestling is Everything coming soon on

  • 23:40

    Discussion of “Speed Racer”

  • 58:34


  • 1:14:28

      Double Feature

  • 1:18:58

      Final Thoughts

  • 1:29:03

      Alan, Craig and Zaki discuss next week’s episode “The Wrestler”

Next episode we continue with sports month and talk with Billy Donnelly about “The Wrestler”

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