Singin’ in the Rain

December 01, 2018


Musician Don Lockwood rises to stardom during Hollywood’s silent-movie era–paired with the beautiful, jealous and dumb Lina Lamont). When Lockwood becomes attracted to young studio singer Kathy Selden  Lamont has her fired. But with the introduction of talking pictures, audiences laugh when they hear Lockwood speak for the first time–and the studio uses Selden to dub her voice.

Alan and Craig are joined by Windy Bowlsby (@reeledumusical on twitter)as they discuss Gene Kelly’s butt, jukebox musicals, showcasing talent and the movie “Singin in the Rain on the week’s Matinee Musicals!

Show Notes
  • 0:55

    Alan and Craig greet guest Windy Bowlsby and catch up on her newest musical podcasts, Reel Education The Musical and plug Blake Casselman’s latest movie “Adopting Trouble” which is available now on DVD, Blu-ray and Amazon!

  • 8:23

    Discussion of “Singin’ in the Rain”

  • 38:42


  • 52:54

     Double Feature

  • 59:04

      Final Thoughts

  • 1:04:35

      Alan and Craig preview next week’s episode  “Little Shop of Horrors”

Craig and Alan are both excited to talk about this horror/musical “Little Shop of Horrors”

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