Princess Leia

December 16, 2017


A princess senator attempts to steal secret plans for a new super weapon teams up with a farm boy, a crazy wizard and a scoundrel which sets in motion one of the greatest adventures of all time.

Alan and Craig discuss the great Carrie Fisher, Alan’s initial thoughts of The Last JEDI, and a character analysis of Star Wars’ Princess Leia on this week’s Matinee Heroes!        

Show Notes
  • 1:04

    Alan talks about his impressions of “The Last Jedi”

  • 12:43

    Discussion of the Star Wars character Princess Leia

  • 30:20


  • 36:45

    Double Feature

  • 42:06

    Final Thoughts

  • 40:41

    Alan and Craig celebrate Christmas with an old Yuletide tradition: “Die Hard”

Next episode we head to the coast, have a few laughs and talk “Die Hard”

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