Film Noir,

Out of the Past

February 02, 2019


The quiet life of small-town gas station owner Jeff Baily is interrupted when a figure from his shady past, recognizes him.  A crooked gambler had hired Jeff to track down Kathie Moffet a girlfriend who shot him and made off with $40,000. Jeff and Kathie fell in love, but she left him to go back to the gambler, who now wants Jeff to settle a few old scores.

Alan and Craig kick of Feb-noir-ary discussing double crosses, a preview of a month of Film noirs and the noiriest noir that ever noired with the movie “Out of the Past” on this week’s Matinee Heroes!

Show Notes

  • 0:51

    Alan and Craig preview the films and reasoning behind this month’s theme “Feb-noir-ary”

  • 10:36

    Discussion of “Out of the Past”

  • 32:58


  • 44:32

    Double Feature

  • 48:09

    Final Thoughts

  • 50:26

    Alan and Craig preview next week’s movie “The Maltese Falcon”

Next week Alan and Craig continue Feb-noir-ary with an all-time classic “The Maltese Falcon”

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